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● Ruiteng does not charge a deposit? Can you retire? What is the charge?

From: 本站 Author: admin Posted: 2018-08-15 17:21:08 View: 42

Usually, we need to collect a deposit for a new customer unit, which is more conducive to the success of the project. The sincerity of the customer makes us more manpower on the project team, if we receive the deposit after 2-4 During the week (depending on the customer's decision), no one can provide the candidate for the interview, and the deposit will be refunded.

Regarding the charges, our fees are about 23% of the annual salary before the tax. This fee is a medium level in the headhunting industry. Please do not blindly compare the price. Our income is not exchanged for low prices. We use our services. The quality is exchanged. Also please rest assured that your efforts are definitely worth it.