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● The difference between a famous trademark application and a well-known trademark

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The difference between a famous trademark application and a well-known trademark

From the end of January this year, the Ministry of Housing and the Ministry of Construction, the United Nations Department of Lands, the National Development and Reform Commission and other nine ministries and local governments to conduct inspections, from the focus of the central inspection, the hot spot sensitive issues in the real estate market in 2009 became the focus of inspectors, such as real estate transactions Order rectification, improvement of land transfer system, implementation of affordable housing policies, and suppression of speculative purchases. According to the requirements of the State Council, before the "two sessions" in 2010, the supervision work will produce "phased results", and the State Council and relevant ministries and commissions will consider formulating and adjusting future property market policies based on the supervision.

State-owned enterprises and private enterprises are more than 5 times worse

In 2009, the sales performance of housing enterprises surged, and the Year of the Ox in the bull market, each earned a lot of money. In the New Year, the year-end red envelope of the housing enterprises became the focus of attention inside and outside the industry, which proved that the performance of housing enterprises soared last year. In 2009, the performance of real estate enterprises reached the best level in history. The year-end bonus of Vanke employees this year is 16 months. Not only Vanke, but private enterprises like Hesheng Chuangzhan, the “year-end award” is the big salary of the annual salary, enough to withstand the salary of one year.

But not every peer has such a good treatment. The reporter learned that, like Guoqi Financial Street, the employee's year-end award is 20% of the annual salary. In terms of proportion, Vanke’s year-end award is 6.4 times that of Financial Street. And large central enterprises like China Resources, there is no year-end award in Chinese New Year, but there will be a performance reward every July. Sino-Ocean Real Estate divides this part of the award into performance and sends it to employees every month. State-owned enterprises also have generous staff. The reporter learned that Beijing Urban Construction allocates year-end benefits according to seniority. Years ago, old employees were organized to travel abroad, and employees who entered the company did not receive this treatment.

Ni Xiaoling, a senior analyst with the same policy real estate consulting agency, said that most of the real estate sales staff have earned a lot of money this year. According to the industry's generally stipulated six-tenths of the sales commission rate, the national commercial housing sales commission exceeds 2.6 billion yuan. . According to China Times

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