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Vanke thawed: How does HR become a strategic partner of management?

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In the real estate industry, there are many people in the real estate industry, but if there are many outstanding people, if the leader is the leader, the author will push the two people first. First, he will thaw, and he will accompany Vanke’s growth. Second, Fang Yitao, he leads the rise of Longhu. .

In the real estate industry, there are many people in the real estate industry, but if there are many outstanding people, if the leader is the leader, the author will push the two people first. First, he will thaw, and he will accompany Vanke’s growth. Second, Fang Yitao, he leads the rise of Longhu. .

Since you want to write a character, you start with two predecessors.

In the first issue, we will talk about thawing. A brief introduction, thawing in Vanke from the grassroots level of human resources, did 17 years of manpower, during which time in charge of property, customer service, information and processes, the president's office, the current party secretary of the Vanke and chairman of the board of supervisors.

How does an HR go to the core management of the group? Why is Vanke’s human resources valued? Everything, let us start from unfreezing into Vanke.

First, decisive choice Vanke

In 1992, Thawed joined Vanke and worked as a basic field worker for personnel. Before that, he was already the second-hand of RGB (the predecessor of Skyworth).

Why did you choose Vanke?

Like, Vanke is an ideal company.

When I came to Vanke, I started from the ordinary staff. At that time, I was the assistant to the general manager in RGB. The unit was equipped with two bedrooms and one living room. I came to Vanke and could only live in a single apartment in a room. This drop is very big, getting married. When I bought a very fashionable two-length sofa, I couldn’t let it go and I had to give it away.

But even so, I still firmly believe that Vanke is a good company, and today I am more grateful for my original choice.

It is not easy to dare to make such a choice. Most people are reluctant to start from the grassroots. How many people did you join when you joined Vanke?

More than 300 people, turnover of more than 60 million. At that time, there were still five pillar industries, such as industry, culture, real estate, etc., such as Yibao, such as Wanjia Department Store, which was one of Vanke's industries.

That was the early period of the development of Vanke. You have not done HR before. Why did you join Vanke for human work?

This statement is not accurate. I have already done the total help in RGB. The HR work must be managed, and I participated in the formation of the company. The factory workers are almost all recruited by me.

In RGB, I tried engineers, tried sales and other positions, and finally found that I still prefer the management work related to people, so I firmly adhered to the direction of manpower.

What kind of work did you do when you first entered Vanke?

It is a small worker to give you a border defense certificate, transfer work, account, temporary residence permit, and organizational relationship. I still remember that I had to wear more shirts when I went to work, because I often used bicycles to run on the field, and I was prone to sweating. The air conditioner in the office was quite adequate. If I didn't change clothes in time, I would easily catch a cold.

Some new employees complained to me about some basic work. I said that I started from this kind of work. You can make an ordinary work worthy of extraordinary value. In the process, there are many things that can be improved. If you do better than the previous one, everyone will recognize you.

Second, knowing good leaders

In 1995, Vanke routinely increased salary. After the thawing process was completed, he reported to Wang Shi. After Wang listened to pick up the pen, he signed it. He did not read the word and was shocked by the thawing.

Paying a salary in any business is a big deal. Thawing, you don't look at it?

"I didn't ask you? You said that if you have no problem, I will sign it." Wang Shi replied.

In addition to the real estate prime period and Vanke this platform, what else is helping you in your growth?

Wang Shi. When he first entered Vanke, he gave me a lot of help.

Yesterday, Zhang Guowei talked about an article saying that entrepreneurs should change from trading entrepreneurs to management entrepreneurs. He believes that Wang Shi has successfully completed this process, which I think is correct.

In the course of Wang Shi’s business, he was doing business and looking for someone he recognized. After choosing a good person, he taught it by hand.

I have already done the second-hand in RGB, but I still feel frustrated in front of Wang Shi, because in my professional field, I have not considered him many questions carefully, especially at strategic heights.

When it is cultivated to a certain extent, Wang Shi is completely let go, and the decentralization is very sufficient.

Wang Shi said that he would do three things: first, decide whether to do this or not; second, decide who to do this thing; third, after choosing a good person, bear the responsibility of using the wrong person.

I was very impressed with the salary adjustment. He told me that I would sign it if there was no problem. This matter touched me a lot. Leaders can give me such trust. I can only be more self-disciplined and more demanding myself to reward the trust of leaders.

Many people say that Wang Shi is very chic, which is not accurate. Because things have deep-seated reasons behind them, this is the result of the efforts made in the front, and the cause can be fruitful.

Especially in the 1990s, when the company was the lateest three people at work, I worked 14 or 15 hours a day for work reasons, and the other two were Wang Shi and his driver.

Third, the "pirate" supplementary project short board

In 2000, in order to quickly make up for the shortcomings in the quality of the project, Vanke began to dig the backbone from the China Sea on a large scale. Previously, Vanke took the internal training route. From the pirate plan, Vanke had airborne.

For the pirate plan, Vanke's internal response was very intense, and there were differences at the highest level. When the management communicated, Jie Jie said, "One of the most important Vanke cultures I value is openness. Others come to identify us and help us make up for the shortcomings. Why not?"

The discussion was extremely intense, and the thawing even said "If the company loses its openness, then I am not interested in it." Fortunately, at the key point, everyone reached an agreement.

Was the pressure at that time?

The pressure is great, but the biggest pressure is not from the inside, but from the pressure of engineering quality shortcomings, from the fact that we always maintain respect for people and always have pressure on the good cultural values ​​of our customers.

It is necessary to quickly make up for the problem of engineering shortcomings and deliver the best products to customers. This is the biggest pressure we face.

Everyone has been curious about how many people in the pirates dug up the sea in the past year?

I dug 56 in a year. That year, I didn't stay at home every night.

Let me talk about something interesting. At the beginning, these people were all meeting in the coffee shop on the street. At that time, Starbucks did not come in. The most visited was the Green Pavilion. The candidates all said that they were looking for a hidden point.

But as piracy moves in place, I later said that I don't have to find hidden places. Even if you don't come to Vanke, it is good for you to be seen.

For example, some of the people who went to the top management of China Shipping were seen by colleagues when they met me. Although they declined me later, there was no harm in going back because Chinahai quickly gave them a promotion and a raise.

Later, Liu Aiming gave me advice. He told me that there is still a good place. The coffee shop of the business floor of a five-star hotel is usually from outside. It is relatively hidden, and most people can't get in. The rest are talking about it. This is also a very interesting secret at the time, of course, now, the secret is gone.

Rest assured, we don't tell you which hotel (laughs), how do these 56 people talk about it?

This is also very interesting. During the conversation with these 56 people, no one talked about the salary issue. 56 people, no one has sent a written offer, all with a mouth, a face, of course, behind this is Vanke's corporate image.

Since its inception in 1984, Vanke has been adhering to a culture of transparency, openness, and respect for people. It is good for customers, good for employees, and good for suppliers. This impression has been deeply rooted in our people’s accumulated behavior. They know that they are coming. Vanke will not treat them badly.

Two of them were very interesting. One was Liu Aiming. I communicated with him for a year and finally invited him. Someone told me that you are not deflated. Please ask a deputy general manager, which is higher than your own rank. I said what is this? The point is that everyone is working together to do a good job, to manage the company well, and to make the business bigger. This is the most important thing.

Vanke has such an open culture to be able to come today.

The other is Zhang Xu, who was a CEO of China Shipping Hong Kong Company. He said that he wanted to go back to the mainland. I had to find the position of the vice president of the first-line company for him. But there was no suitable position. He said nothing. Advanced, the starting position can be lower. So he arranged for him to be the engineering director of Wuhan Company. The result was soon to be the vice president and general manager of Wuhan Company. Now he is the executive vice president and chief operating officer of the group.

China Shipping is a construction company with a paramilitary management and a ban, so the cadres he cultivated are very easy to use.

I heard another incumbent executive who came down to Vanke.

In the process of recruiting, I am actually learning and understanding the process of human nature. There are indeed many people in this society who are full of ideals and full of passion. Recruitment must not only use money to attract people, otherwise how to make money, how to go.

Everything a company has done in history will have an impact on your future. Vanke can attract everyone because of Vanke’s previous impressions in society, its feelings, arrangements, and learning for each colleague. Grow and so on, the result of the final result.

From the results, first of all, Vanke's engineering quality level is now the industry leader; secondly, most of these people have developed well in Vanke, although some have left, but the overall is very good.

Speaking of this, solve an industry puzzle. It’s really good for people in China’s sea to go to Vanke. However, many companies in the industry have found that many talents who have done a good job in Vanke are not suitable for going to other companies. Why?

There are many reasons, I will talk about it from a cultural perspective. Wang Shi was watching Marx Weber's "Protestant Ethic and Capitalism" and seeing the book "Red and Black" grew up, so Vanke's culture is very open.

For example, Zhang Xulai has been in Vanke for a long time. He met a few days ago. He is still talking about how we were doing in Chinatown. This is something that can be said in Vanke, but it is not available to other companies. It must be.

Give another example. In 2008, we met in Zhuhai. Sun Jia, who is currently the executive vice president and CFO of the group, just returned from Harvard Business School and made a report on Country Garden research. He has a lot of opinions that are inconsistent with Wang Shi’s point of view at the time, but he did a very detailed investigation and changed Wang Shi’s thoughts. After the meeting, Wang Shi called Yang Bo on the way back on the way to visit.

Vanke's open culture welcomes all kinds of talents and welcomes them to bring their own things and bring some changes to Vanke.

People are like this. For some values ​​that are universally recognized, everyone is more yearning. From a relatively closed culture, to Vanke's relatively open culture, it will be more comfortable and easy to adapt;

But if you adapt to the open culture of Vanke and go to a relatively closed culture, it will be difficult to adapt. This may also be a reason why many good people in Vanke are not comfortable with the outside.

On the basis of inheritance, Vanke Culture is constantly evolving with the times.

Today, Vanke has fully implemented the business partner system, promoting co-creation, sharing, and sharing, so that the interests of each employee are consistent with the company's interests and shareholders' interests.

Investing in your own business is the best business. Vanke will continue to create a good platform and mechanism for everyone, so that each employee can find the value of self in the work.

Fourth, the introduction of balanced scorecard

In 2001, Thaw was determined to introduce the Balanced Scorecard. He found the consulting firm Hewitt. After finalizing the cooperation, Hewitt arranged a Ph.D. as the project manager, and the thaw description was Dr. Harvard.

The first time I started the training, I was screwed up. The thaw was a little depressed. After the communication, I realized that the project manager was a Ph.D. in chemistry at Harvard. Moreover, he did not have the experience of the balanced scorecard project before. Like the Vanke team, he was doing it. Learn by.

I have encountered such a problem at the beginning, is the project going smoothly?

Not very smooth, and our internal opinions are also very large. The first time I heard the concept of a balanced scorecard was a forum in Shenzhen in 1999, and I was planning to introduce it later. The financial leaders and strategic leaders at the time were opposed.

The person in charge of the finance told me that the most important thing we do as a listed company is to give back to shareholders (the balanced scorecard needs to perform from multiple dimensions). I also made sense when I heard it, but I thought about it later, not right.

I think the return that shareholders want is a sustainable quality return, not a short-term return. To be sustainable, financial indicators alone are not enough, so with the support of the general manager, I decided to promote the balanced scorecard project.

It is hard to come to the consultants, and the internal opposition is not difficult.

As far as I know, Vanke has implemented the Balanced Scorecard. How is it implemented?

Large companies have two advantages. First, there is a training system. After we study it ourselves, we often promote this concept to everyone during training.

The second is to promote after the pilot. Vanke headquarters is not a strong headquarters. We emphasize that the main responsibility of business management is first-line companies, so there is enough room for trial and error in the first line. Later, at the end of 2002, several general managers of the branch talked to me about the concept of balanced and balanced scorecards. I felt that this was the case.

A great alternative. The Balanced Scorecard is a bit complicated. Is there any place in the implementation process that is difficult for you?

The hardest part is actually exploring, because Vanke is the first company in China to introduce a balanced scorecard. Many things that are commonplace today are unthinkable at the time.

For example, I was thinking about how to dimension the customer. I can't figure it out. After thinking about it for almost a year, I thought I could do a customer satisfaction survey. I think it is more than a simple thing today. I thought about it for more than 10 months.

To do a customer satisfaction survey, you have to find a research company. The best thing at the time was Gallup. They said that they can do it. But they have never done it before.

Everyone should know that Gallup's questionnaire is basically exported from the United States. The only customer satisfaction survey questionnaire for the residential industry was made in cooperation with China Vanke.

The customer satisfaction survey needs to be done. It must not be done by the human resources department. We go to the colleagues who manage the customer. They don’t know how to do this. Well, our human resources department helps us to do it together. The ministry and the customer center did this together.

Therefore, many things that change, you can't expect others to understand and accept naturally. Many times we have to help our daughter-in-law to make a living.

After the customer satisfaction survey was made, our data is not enough, we need to compare, we need to benchmark, but there is no sample, what should we do?

Gallup said that we have data on the automotive industry. Whether it is better than the car, it is a consumer durable consumer product. At that time, it was only comparable to the automotive industry. The first customer satisfaction survey was done this year. Gradually optimized, it has developed to the point of popularization today.

V. Cooperating with strategic reserve talents

In 2010, Vanke decided to enter the United States, but found a circle, and did not find a suitable business person in charge in 2011. The overseas business executives were anxious to find the unfreezing of personnel, he said, "Thaw, you must be someone."

Thawing said, "There is such a person, I have been staring at this person for 4 years." Four years ago, Vanke did not intend to enter the United States.

Why do you always be able to produce quality talent when the company needs it?

This starts with our positioning.

In 2000, our human resources department gave ourselves three