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This year without Wang Shi

From: 本站 Author: admin Posted: 2018-08-25 10:32:57 View: 46
There is no banquet in the world. It’s just that we are dull, always knowing what to do, missing the beginning, and we don’t expect it to end.

There is no banquet in the world. It’s just that we are dull, always knowing what to do, missing the beginning, and we don’t expect it to end.


On June 30, 2017, Wang Shi stepped down as chairman of the board of Vanke and officially left the company he founded. Some people sighed at the time, an era is over.

The earliest batch of old real estate people, Ren Zhiqiang retired, Pan Shiyi withdrew, Wang Jianlin transformed, the first generation of big cockroaches who grew up in the spring of 20 years of real estate gold, and gradually withdrew from the real estate front.

Wang Shi retired and reluctantly retired. He liked to send Weibo. From July 2, 2016, he disappeared on Weibo. Until June 22 this year, he wrote a commemorative statement: "June last June. Early on the 21st, I announced that I would no longer participate in the new board of directors of Vanke."

One year, Wang Shi has not put down Vanke. Is this giant company that has devoted half of his life to miss the old master?

Without Wang Shi’s Vanke, the days are a bit confused.

After the sales in 2017 broke 500 billion, Vanke’s board of directors said at the financial report interpretation meeting that real estate came to a stage high, and it is not easy to grow in 2018.

The end of the feast, come on.

Vanke sees it very accurately. Since entering 2018, the control policies have been one after another, especially for first- and second-tier cities. This makes the layout mainly in the second and second line of Vanke, which is very difficult.

In the base camp Shenzhen, the latest "Housing System Reform Opinions" clearly stipulates that only 40% of the supply of commercial housing will be built in the future. Others must build talented houses, housing units, and rental housing. This opinion has been planned until 2035 and has officially entered into force.

Shenzhen, the frontier of reform and opening up, the city with the highest degree of marketization, can only retain 40% of the free real estate market, and other places?

It is foreseeable that this plan with the meaning of the model will be released in Shenzhen, and other cities will follow up. In the next 20 years, the choice of real estate developers is very poor, either to compete for the 40% share, to live in the cracks between the layers of purchase restrictions; or to participate in the construction of the city-led welfare housing, listening to arrangements from beginning to end, get some hard money.

Vanke is also making new attempts. It is actively responding to the call for “renting a house” and investing a lot of resources in leasing.

In Shenzhen, Vanke’s Qinghu New Village next to the Longhua Foxconn factory called all the landlords to rent out all the buildings in the villages. After the renovation, they were rented out according to the branded apartments.

I thought it was beautiful, but after it was implemented, Vanke tasted the taste of "Two Hosts" and it was not good at both ends.

The landlords in the village are not good at talking about prices, and they don’t give Vanke a face. The rent must be at least according to the market price. After these uneven residential buildings in the village of Vanke, it is necessary to spend money to transform and send team management.

The tenants are even more dissatisfied. The surrounding Foxconn employees said that “Vanke is attacking and people are worried.” They are worried that after the transformation of Vanke, the rent will rise. Vanke hastened to ensure that rents will not rise sharply.

A project has not yet been completed, Vanke has touched a nose gray, the key is, spent so much energy, can earn a few dollars?

In Beijing, Vanke's leasing projects are even more rampant. As early as December 2016, Vanke obtained the Haidian Yongfeng No. 18 plot at a price of 5 billion yuan. This plot was specifically used as a “self-sustaining leasehold housing”. Vanke named the project "Vanke Jade Academy."

Now that the house is ready to be rented, according to the rent price announced by Vanke, a three-bedroom monthly rent is between 15,000 yuan and 18,000 yuan. If the project is 100% leased, the annual rental income will be between 273 million yuan and 328 million yuan. The 10-year rental income is between 2.73 billion yuan and 3.28 billion yuan.

In other words, after 10 years, "buy money" will come back half.

How can such a project, a profit-seeking company, be willing to do it? Perhaps only those companies that serve the people can do it.

Therefore, Yu Liang made a slap in the shareholders' meeting in June: "After ten years, will Vanke be a real estate company? I don't think so. If it is still, it is also a bleak business. I am now thinking about the companies in our area." 'These words are taken off."

Hey, Vanke, who has been a real estate leader for 20 years, doesn’t want to do real estate.


Once upon a time, the throne of real estate "leaders" was won by Wang Shi at all costs.

In 1997, Ren Zhiqiang once represented Huayuan Real Estate to acquire Vanke. Unfortunately, Wang Shi, who had no success, had a deep heart and took the big ship of China Resources and kicked Ren Zhiqiang out of the game.

Ren Zhiqiang can only start another business, withdraw from "Old Huayuan" and re-establish "Xinhuayuan". Unfortunately, some struggles have exhausted Ren Zhiqiang's professionalism. Xinhuayuan has not been able to expand, but is limited to Beijing.

Since then, Wang Shi has stabilized the position of a real estate brother, and few people can challenge.

In 2005, the young and energetic Sun Hongbin once threatened to dismount Vanke, but his mouth was not working. In less than a year, Sun Hongbin’s Sunco was paralyzed. He could only put away the rhetoric and silently “re-starting business. "."

Once upon a time, Wang Shi led Vanke and deeply labeled the "elite" in the hearts of urban youth.

Vanke's house is aimed at urban white-collar workers. It has a high cultural level and pays attention to the quality of life. From house design to community planning to property management, it has a strong petty bourgeoisie.

As the head of the company, Wang Shi reshaped his "image", climbed the Everest, made speeches, wrote books, and even received some commercial advertisements - Mobile Global Access, Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Through high-frequency exposure, Wang Shi conveys the concept of life to young people: the elite, you must be independent, you have to do something extraordinary.

Once upon a time, real estate amnesty was a spokesperson for mavericks.

Wang Shi is a tough guy, pursuing the limits and living a life of restlessness.

Ren Zhiqiang is a cannon, and what he said should not be said.

Pan Shiyi is a warm man, with a hint of ambiguity in the rustic, love to speak philosophy.

Of course, our favorite is Wang Jianlin. Every move is a bit funny. The small goal of 100 million yuan makes Disney 20 years unprofitable. Tsinghua University is not as bold as it is... The billionaire worth of billions It is rare to give the masses so much joy and put them abroad.

The generation of real estate screams, while earning enough money, also frees up the personality and shows us the meaning of success.

What is success? Just dare to say, dare to do, dare to be unexpected.

No one expected Wang Shi to stew a pot of braised pork. No one expected that Ren Zhiqiang would become the third person hated by the people of the whole country; no one expected Pan Shiyi to run as a host.

Of course, the most unexpected thing is Wang Jianlin. His son became the champion of the net red world. He became a descendant of the rock world. The first "nothing" sang very well.

Once upon a time, real estate amnesty was the one that we admire.

House prices have risen many times, but the price increase is not the result of a big man in the real estate market. It is the result of the concerted efforts of all walks of life. For the big brothers, we cannot say "hate."

Specific to the individual, we have to admire the courage of the big man. Just say one, Wang Shi dared to call on employees to donate 10 yuan during the Wenchuan earthquake, and said that enterprises have already paid taxes, and disaster relief is not the responsibility of enterprises.

In this case, knowing that it will be ruined, but still bravely said it. Calm down and think about it, isn't it true? Is it true temperament?

Let us feel the real people, we will get our sincere admiration.

However, all this has changed.


In the year when Wang Shi stepped down, he wandered around like a wild crane. He gave a speech at the Water Cube, held a personal photography exhibition in Shenzhen, went to the Hebrew University of Israel to study, and accompanied Tian Puzhen to take photos of his husband and wife vacation.

He has the heat but can't find a suitable release point. Huada Holdings invited him to serve as the co-chairman. He agreed, and they understood each other. Older couples, not true love, they also name each other.

Huada Holdings issued a statement for this, strictly abiding by the original commitment and not involved in real estate.

It seems that Wang Shi’s fate in this life has been broken.

Ren Zhiqiang is still talking about house prices everywhere. He is a bit stubborn. He always uses the theory of market economy to analyze real estate, what contradictions between supply and demand, property rights chaos... Ren Lao may be a bit outdated, future real estate, It can be counted as a market less than a half, and this small half will be in strict defense.

Under such circumstances, neither Adam Smith, Keynes nor Friedman failed.

Pan Shiyi retired almost. In April of this year, he deliberately made a short film about house prices. When he went into battle, he explained that with a Gansu-speaking Mandarin, he complained that the house price was too high, so that the company lost the land. Courage, the people lost the courage to pass on the family.

The hardest part is Wang Jianlin. Although the other few have retired to the second line, they are debt-free and decent.

Wang Jianlin’s debt pressure has not yet reached the point of relief. At the beginning of the year, he broke down the Wanda Group and reorganized a Wanda Commercial Management Group to clarify the relationship with real estate.

The first generation of real estate was rampant, and they did not do it. Who is still insisting? The new real estate brother: Yang Guoqiang.

Just last week, Country Garden, which had frequent problems, held a media exchange meeting in Shunde, Guangdong. Yang Guoqiang said with a grievance:

"I feel like the most stupid person in the world."