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What a lot of elite talent companies can't move, but headhunters can dig?

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Ambitious companies are well aware that to become a leader in the industry, they must have a strong elite team, because elite talent is the core competitiveness of the company's future development.

Ambitious companies are well aware that to become a leader in the industry, they must have a strong elite team, because elite talent is the core competitiveness of the company's future development.

However, there is such a "weird phenomenon" in the human resources market: the same is to dig elite talents, the company itself is difficult to dig directly, but the headhunter can.

Then the question is coming: Why do many industry big coffees really resist the operation of directly digging people?

The answer is of course not because the headhunters have a face that is as good as an angel, and it is even more fascinating than the company. This involves a lot of deep-level logic. Today, I will take a look at the importance of headhunting to companies and talents, and see what magical powers there are when headhunting.


01. As a middleman, quickly aim at what both sides think and think.

I have to say that headhunting is a very magical existence. He is between the company and the candidate. The nature of the work is a bit like a matchmaker, but it is better than the matchmaker.

He does not advocate the arrangement of "marriage", respects the ideas of both sides, and can take the initiative to consider the issues from both sides and quickly aim at the thoughts of both sides.

We all know that in the human resources market, there are many talents and many companies. Both parties want to find a suitable search for them, and a purposeless search is difficult to produce substantial results. If there is no timely appearance of the headhunter, it is difficult for them to confirm their eyes and meet the right person/business in a short time.

Next, let's talk briefly about the cleverness of the above-mentioned headhunting as a middleman:


★ For companies

1. Headhunting can conduct in-depth analysis and evaluation of the talents required by the company from a professional perspective to determine a practical tracing plan;

2. Usually headhunting companies have a complete service process to meet the different needs of different companies;

3. Headhunting is not passively waiting for talents to deliver resumes, but to conduct a large number of screening and screening of talents to find suitable talents for business needs;

4. Headhunting will spend time and energy, communicate with talents in depth, control from multiple dimensions such as work ability, character, personality, etc., to help enterprises reduce the risk of employment to the greatest extent.


★ For talent

1. The headhunter knows how to take the initiative to conduct one-on-one communication with talents and listen to the real needs of the talents;

2. Headhunting can provide objective and real feedback to talents and make professional suggestions;

3. Usually, the elite talents to be dug are in the job status, and communication with the headhunter can reduce their doubts;

4. Headhunters will also spend time researching the company and helping them plan for the future development of the workplace.


02, with a wide network of contacts, able to effectively integrate resources

Hunting heads are very unusual for companies to hunt for talents. To use a word to describe it is “very picky”. Only when the matching is high enough will you consider arranging for both parties to meet.

The picky of this taste is based on the very broad network of contacts in his hands.

High-quality, high-quality talent is the killer of headhunting. Because the ability of enterprises to compete for elite talents is often more stringent, this requires headhunting to have very strong resource integration capabilities.

The development of network resources is a matter of consideration for the success of headhunters. They need to go from point to line, from line to face, and finally from face to net, gradually integrate resources, and "net" live with high quality contacts.

It is precisely because professional headhunters pay special attention to the ability to cultivate such an efficient and integrated network of contacts that they can gradually become the leader of high-end talent mobility.


03, talk about money does not hurt feelings, build a good communication atmosphere

In fact, as a headhunter, headhunting has a unique advantage.

This advantage is: whether it is with companies or elites to talk about sensitive issues in terms of compensation and treatment, you can speak freely and not hurt your feelings.

Elite talents are not all for job change. Although many people say that dreams and distance are more important, money must be an important factor in decisive role. However, in order to pay the high and low prices and the bargaining of the company, it will inevitably make them feel that they are particularly falling.

On the one hand, they want to keep the image of the elite who is proud of the world and the fireworks on the front of the enterprise. They don’t want to fall from the cloud to the soil because of the problem of entangled money. On the other hand, they want to fight for higher salary. .

The emergence of headhunting solves the problem of direct bargaining between enterprises and talents, effectively avoiding sharp conflicts in interests.

Therefore, the job of headhunting is to recommend talents for enterprises. In fact, it is a high recognition of the status of elite talents, and can satisfy the vanity of their frontiers in the development of the industry to some extent.

What needs to be mentioned is that this vanity of elite talents is a normal thing, not a derogatory term.

Everyone wants to be recognized, respected and even worshipped, especially when you have worked hard from a workplace rookie for many years and eventually become a more powerful elite. This is a very human emotion.

However, it needs to be clear that vanity and big cards are two different things.

The existence of headhunting is equivalent to a lubricant, they can build a good communication atmosphere between enterprises and talents, making this humanity demand more reasonable. Because of this, many elites like to use job hunting to change jobs.


04, higher professional quality, all-round confidential work

In order to successfully acquire a Case, a headhunter must carefully, systematically and accurately analyze positions, research companies, and interpret corporate BOSS. At the same time, it is necessary to conduct in-depth investigation and research on candidates.

Therefore, don't underestimate the professionalism of headhunting, but also the problem of finding elite talents. It is really different for different people to handle the results.

Imagine if a company in the industry, especially the competitors of the current company, suddenly contacted themselves and wanted to convince them to change jobs. How can there be no worries and concerns in the hearts of talents?

For elite talents, an industry circle is so big, and when companies contact them, they are basically on the job. In this case, the degree of cooperation of talents will naturally not be too high.

And when the headhunter does it, the situation will be very different. For elite talents, headhunting is like a financial advisor, legal counsel, etc., and has a professional label in society.

They have a relatively solid image - professionally solve the problem of job change. The key is that headhunting is also a good way to help them analyze the current situation and give pertinent advice on future development plans.

Therefore, in the psychological acceptance of candidates, headhunting can be slightly better.

In addition, the professional headhunting style is very tight, and they can do all-round information confidentiality work for both enterprises and talents. This is also an important reason why headhunting can be favored by both enterprises and talents.

The “quick and steady” recruitment mode of the professional headhunting company determines the height of the headhunting service.

Many companies have been trying their best to cooperate with headhunting companies. They are not sure whether the talent solutions provided by headhunters can bring talents to the company. The suspicion is often greater than trust.

But when the headhunters recommend that successful talents start to create tangible benefits for the company, they can understand how much the professional headhunting consultants are worth.

However, at present, the quality of service of domestic headhunting companies is uneven. The small heads of enterprises, when choosing to cooperate with headhunting companies, must polish their eyes!