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The real estate group (internal and foreign capital) and the group's medical, education, film and television, agriculture and other industries have accumulated rich resources. Generally speaking, we promise that our clients will keep confidential the cooperation projects. It is not convenient for us to disclose the customer's information without obtaining the customer's permission. We list the positions that have been operated:

Real estate: foreign capital (Hong Kong, Singapore, the United States, etc.), general manager of the domestic real estate group, vice president, president, regional functional leaders.
Media Film and Television Art: Vice President of Production, Production Director, VR Technical Director, VR Marketing Director, IP Director, Literature Director, Distribution Director, Publicity Director, Marketing Director, Artist Director, New Media Marketing Director, etc.
Education: President of International Education, President of K12, President of University, Director of High-end Kindergarten;

Agriculture: General Manager of Agriculture, Dairy, FMCG, National Marketing Director, etc.;
Other deep-digning positions: high-tech smart home, robot, fast fashion, Internet, blockchain.

[成功案例] Real Estate Group President


The company decided to create a new residential group. Prior to this, the client had successfully controlled two listed companies, involving multiple industries dominated by real estate.


[成功案例] Deputy General Manager of Film and Television Company


The top five film and television companies in China, listed on the GEM of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, are a cultural and creative enterprise dedicated to the production and distribution of film and television products. A well-known domestic listed company with TV drama as its main business. It owns a number of well-known TV drama production companies. With the aim of “doing the best Chinese-language film and television drama in the world and spreading excellent Chinese culture”, the company seizes the opportunity of rapid development of domestic cultural industry, adheres to the product positioning of fine products and large-scale products, and completes the theme planning, covering ancient costumes, ages, and modern times. Idols, family ethics, melodrama, etc., have successfully produced thousands of high-quality TV dramas with ideological, artistic and commercial features. Many works won the “Five One Project” award from the Central Propaganda Department and the “Flying Award” in the national TV series. The Golden Eagle Awards and the highest awards for TV dramas set up at the International Television Festival. The work is well known.


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