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We don’t work as a porter for resumes.

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●   Reet founded in Guangzhou in 2004, will soon celebrate its 15th anniversary. After so many years of operation and development, Reiten Headhunting has become a mature headhunting company.

●   Reet to provide customers with advanced talent search, talent evaluation, talent background investigation and other services.

●   The company has long established good contacts with a large number of industry candidates and senior managers, and is familiar with the employment style of foreign enterprises, private enterprises and state-owned enterprises. It has been intensively cultivated in domestic and foreign real estate and its derivatives, such as Internet finance, education, medical treatment, film and television. We have served many well-known and outstanding enterprises in China, as well as many well-known enterprises in Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, North America, South America, Ecuador and Australia.

●   From 2004 to 2009, more than 100 senior executives have been recruited through long-term cooperation with several local and multinational manufacturing enterprises in Guangdong.

●   From 2010 to 2014, we have cooperated with a number of outstanding private enterprises in Beishang, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and the high success rate has won customer returns.

●   From 2015 to 2018, we will increase our cooperation with Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, Taiwan and other enterprises. Our rigorous and meticulous work style will create a good image for domestic headhunters and contribute to the development of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao as a world-class Bay area.

●   Reet Reiten is not a company positioned to join the chain, the Internet-based headhunting company, but always positioned in a professional headhunting company, we in the service of corporate customers, pay more attention to in-depth understanding of the enterprise, enterprise software and hardware needs, research and analysis of business models of corporate customers, corporate culture, development The process, as well as the enterprise team, identifies what kind of talent the enterprise customer should want, not just through HR to our job description.

●   Refusing to be a resume porter, our philosophy is to become a veteran headhunter brand, so we have a team to pursue, with the right values, mature people walk together. We often through the sharing to exercise the actual experience and resilience of employees, truly bring personal growth and accumulation to employees, even in the future to engage in other industries, this is after reading countless people to this society, life, work with better help and inspiration. 

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