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We don’t work as a porter for resumes.

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●   Delegate to evaluation analysis
Our professional consultants communicate comprehensively with the business side to understand the business strategy, organizational relationships, the skills and experience of the staff to be recruited, and to provide advice on job recruitment for the business side.

●   Enterprise screening and interview for talent
After mutual agreement, we will arrange suitable interview time and place for employers and candidates, and arrange travel, reimbursement and other matters. If necessary, our consultants will also participate in the interview process. After each interview, the consultant will contact the employer and the candidate to collect detailed feedback information.

●   Completion of search and trial trail
When the firm has identified the final candidate, our consultants can assist in salary negotiations and negotiations, while providing evidence of the candidate's background qualifications. We will also express our gratitude on behalf of the enterprises to those who provide help in search. When the talented person arrives, we will provide new help to the new team as soon as possible.

●   Talent development and enterprise development
Talents harmony will create a new platform for enterprises, and people will do their best to employ the highest level, while solving enterprise problems will also enable enterprises to develop to a higher level. Excellent talents are undoubtedly more powerful for the development of enterprises.

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