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We don’t work as a porter for resumes.

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●   Stable long-term cooperation customers are the best proof of our strengths. Customers are very concerned about how to choose the most suitable headhunting company. Our staff is not the largest and largest. But our customer return rate is very high. We are recognized by our customers and bring value to our customers. The headhunting industry has not always won by scale, but a knowledge-intensive industry, depending on the industry resources, information accumulation, social networking and practical experience of headhunting consultants.

●   Giving feedback to customers in the fastest time has become an advantage of our service. With the enthusiasm and professionalism of work to quickly meet customer requirements, it has won time to replenish talents for customers.

●   We value the consultant's continuous service to the customer. Our requirements for the consultant will not be the first place in the performance. The company will return to the customer from time to time to let the customer evaluate the service quality of the company. These are related to other companies in the industry. the difference.

●   The consultants are all in their 30s to 40s and have at least five years of experience in the headhunting industry. For the development of a stable headhunting company, we pay more attention to the professionalism of consultants.

●   Very strong depth digging ability, the customer handed over to our position, it is definitely difficult, or there is no need to recruit headhunters, we accept this kind of immediate difficulties, as long as the customer does not give up on us, we will not give up.

So we have:
Efficient: fast solution capability (giving prospective candidates to customers within 7 days of signing the contract)
Quality: First-class professional attitude. (The whole process of standardization services implemented according to the first-class standards of the headhunting industry association)
Professional: Excellent senior consultant team (30-40 years old, at least 5 years experience in the headhunting industry)
Dedication: Meet customers' needs in a timely manner. (Customers can enjoy high quality service regardless of size and meet customer needs as quickly as possible)

Our Advantage