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We don’t work as a porter for resumes.

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For customers who have high demand for employees and long-term need of high-level talents, we will sign long-term cooperation contracts, establish adult resource strategic partners, and set up professional teams to pre-establish a dedicated talent pool for customers, and prepare the talents needed for customer strategic adjustment in advance. This method requires that the position must be more than three.


Directional Excavation Service


Strategic Headhunting Service

Background Investigation Service

Under the premise of ensuring the occupational safety of the client, the company will conduct investigations through its past resumes, its past employers and current practitioners, and conduct surveys in the form of both visits and unannounced visits. The results of the survey are generally reported either verbally or in writing. A written report can be provided without involving legal issues or personal privacy.

Strategic Headhunting Service

Xu Qian, who was engaged in human resource management in 1998, was qualified as a senior human resource manager in 2006; Nankai University, with a bachelor's degree in law, holds a professional qualification certificate as a social worker, has been studying psychological counseling and management consulting for a long time, and is good at labor risk prevention and serves as a legal consultant for enterprises for many years. . The enterprises that have served for a long time are (below).
Mantanghong China (Real Estate) Co., Ltd., Excellent Education Group, Shenzhen Creative Network Aviation Information Technology Co., Ltd., Foshan Nanhai Tianfuxing Four-dimensional Education Consulting Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Xiyang Property Management Co., Ltd., Heiniu Food Marketing Co., Ltd., Chaohu Water Conservancy and Hydropower Construction and Installation Corporation, Guangdong Branch Department and so on.
Since joining NGO management in 2008, he has been a consultant in many NGO institutions. The following ranking and time are divided into two categories:
Guangzhou Yangai Special Children's Parent Club, Guangdong Handa Rehabilitation Association, Guangzhou Yuanai Xing Social Work Service Center, Guangzhou Yuexiu District Love Growth Education Support Center, Shenzhen Asdo Social Organization Self-discipline Service Center, Hefei Spring Bud Mutual Aid Association for the Disabled, Henan Qise Flower Welfare Kindergarten, etc.

The client selects the specific candidate and company, and the headhunting consultant of Ruiteng Consulting Group uses professional means to dig up suitable candidates for the client.

Headhunting Service

According to the job requirements provided by the clients, jointly agree on the project plan (pre-, mid-, and post-), establish consulting experts, start professional search channels, and obtain talent information through professional channels, and recommend them to customers after screening with professional talent evaluation technology. Track service to talent officially

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